COVID-19. Our personal response

COVID-19. Our personal response

March 13, 2020

The health and safety of our community and customers is first and foremost in our minds. Be assured that even prior to the WHO categorizing COVID-19 as a pandemic, we were already increasing our cleaning protocol at the Princess Cinemas.

We are keeping up-to-date with the current state of COVID-19 in Ontario via Ontario Telehealth and following government directives.

This is what we are doing to keep our staff and patrons safe:

• sanitizing high-contact areas inside the theatre auditorium multiple times daily

• staff are incorporating best-hygiene practices, including frequent and effective hand-washing, use of hand sanitizers and wearing gloves when cleaning theatres.

• staff are disinfecting high touch surfaces and areas throughout the cinema continuously during their shifts

• we have hand sanitizers for our patrons' use

• we have posted several signs throughout the cinemas reminding patrons of best hygiene practices.

• we have temporarily cancelled our weekly Cine Babies screenings.

How you can help:

• If you are feeling unwell or have travelled outside of Canada recently and have coronavirus symptoms, please contact Ontario Telehealth and stay home.

• when coming to the Twin, consider using debit rather than cash

• deposit your garbage into our trash and recycling bins, rather than leaving it behind for staff to pick up

• Use best-hygiene practices yourself. Carry hand sanitizers with you for those moments when a sink isn't available.

Social Distancing:

• In the coming days and weeks, we will be programming the cinemas with staggered showtimes to decrease the number of patrons at the box office. Unlike the big multiplexes, as a small-sized cinema, it is rare for the Princess to have masses of people at the box office, especially now, during the slower early spring season. As a smaller cinema, it also is easy for us to keep it clean.

• If you want to see a movie at the Princess, we suggest you come early, to give yourself plenty of time to get served. In the lobby and theatres, you should give yourself space between other patrons. Also, consider buying tickets online in advance. You simply have to show your printed ticket at the box office.

• As an independent art-house, the masses typically are not flocking to our small, local cinema. None of our three screens exceed a capacity of 180 seats, and the reality is, at a typical screening, a fraction of those seats are occupied. Generally, it is easy to socially distance yourself! At the same time some of our shows are very popular, so we intend to decrease the capacity of seats we sell: we will put a cap on the number of tickets available for any one screening, so that none of our screenings exceed 50% capacity.

Going forward:

In the days and weeks ahead, we may have announcements about postponements of some special events where we would expect larger crowds. Meanwhile, rather than decreasing the number of showtimes we offer for patrons, we may offer more showtimes for our guests, in order to give people more choice. Weekday matinees are lightly attended, and would be a good option for those wanting to see a movie and enjoy normal life! We will put more time between shows, so our staff can focus on cleaning and best hygiene service for our patrons. The Princess Cafe also has stepped up their best-hygiene practices and cleaning regime (which, as an open-kitchen restaurant, was already excellent). We would encourage you to pay them a visit, too.

We will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation in Waterloo Region and respond accordingly, with the health and safety of us all top of mind.

Thank-you for your continued patronage. We deeply appreciate the support. Together, we will get through this, as it too, shall pass. Stay strong (and keep clean), KW!

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