Wall Writers

Co-presented by Bearface Design

A part of Art, Design, & Architecture 2016

“First time feature director and fellow street artist Roger Gastman looks at the birth of tagging in New York and Philadelphia with his thoroughly researched and highly engaging documentary, Wall Writers. Narrated by John Waters, the film specifically narrows its focus to Philly, Manhattan, and Brooklyn in the mid-60s to the early ’70s; the years when graffiti experienced its most explosive period and before it became the recognized and commercialized industry it is today.

“Talking with a wide range of tagging royalty from both cities, Gastman not only delivers a lesson on the historical importance of tagging, but looks at why these often marginalized teens in that particular era were so drawn to the medium

“Gastman allows each tagger’s personality to shine through during his sit-downs, but also knows that each story plays into a larger message that went unspoken during one of America’s most turbulent eras.” - Toronto Film Scene


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