Reeling over Menstrual Inequity: An Interactive Film Screening of Carrie

Join us for a special screening of 1976's Carrie hosted by UW and Changing The Flow

Come be a part of an empowering evening with the University of Waterloo, where we are reclaiming the narrative and challenging societal taboos. Join us as we Reel over Menstrual Inequity through an interactive screening of "Carrie". Get ready to break barriers by shouting back at stigma, tossing around provided props, and immersing yourself in Carrie's story through a lens of menstrual equity. It's an experience you won't want to miss!

Menstrual Equity at Waterloo University:

Waterloo’s Menstrual Equity pilot project aims to provide increased access to menstrual products in select washrooms across campus. This pilot is a collaboration between the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-racism Office and Plant Operations, and has been made possible by the sustained advocacy and work of the Women’s Centre.

Many students, faculty and staff on our campus menstruate. Menstrual equity seeks to provide access to the resources and support that people who menstruate need to manage their periods with dignity and without stigma. This includes access to safe menstrual products, as well as education and resources on menstrual health.

About Changing the Flow:

Just Like Toilet Paper, we believe every washroom should provide period products. Changing The Flow is dedicated to the achievement of menstrual equity and the elimination of stigma surrounding periods. We do this through awareness, education, and implementation.


No screenings currently scheduled.

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