Peace By Chocolate

Based on the internationally recognized true story of a Syrian refugee family who start a successful chocolate business in Nova Scotia

After the bombing of his family's chocolate factory, Tareq Hadhad, a charming young Syrian refugee, struggles to settle into small-town life in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Despite moving to a new country, he's intent on pursuing his dream to become a doctor. But when his father, Issam, insists that he must focus on survival, Tareq and his family move towards a different, but familiar path: Rebuilding Issam's chocolate business. When what seemed like a nostalgic attempt to cling onto remnants of an old life past becomes an overnight sensation, Tareq is shocked. As father and son both struggle to find common ground and navigate the complexities of family duty, the heightening tension between them threatens to tear the family apart. Based on the internationally recognized true story.

PEACE by CHOCOLATE, chocolates are available at our snack bar! They are fantastic! FRESH FROM FACTORY IN NOVA SCOTIA.

Co-presented by m a s h r a b e y a, CKWR-FM Arabic radio Program. Thursday Evenings at 6pm

"A true story brought to dramatic life with a combination of genuine humor and deep pathos, Peace by Chocolate tackles the weighty issues of our present with a healthy dose of whimsy." - Film Festival Today

"Peace by Chocolate is a must-watch for anyone interested in the refugee crisis or even a true story of a family succeeding through hard work. Keijser has successfully delivered a timely film that will leave you inspired, humbled and even craving chocolate." -


No screenings currently scheduled.

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