I, Tonya

"'I, Tonya' is the Tonya Harding film you never knew you wanted: an outrageously entertaining reappraisal of the Olympic figure skater who, in 1994, was involved in a scheme to injure her main rival, Nancy Kerrigan." - Associated Press

Oscar Winner! Best Supporting Actress “The Tonya Harding of I, Tonya, played with ferocious energy by Margot Robbie, wants you to know two things about the bad and crazy stuff that happened during her career as a champion ice skater. It’s not her fault. Also, it’s not fair. You can take that at face value if you want.

“However, Harding is not exactly what you’d call a reliable narrator. Neither are any of the other people who orbit around her flickering star, especially when talking about the infamous “incident” with fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan. This leaves us in something of a quandary in assessing I, Tonya, directed by Craig Gillespie. The movie frequently resembles a documentary with its straight-to-camera confessionals. It could also qualify as a dark comedy or a merry tragedy, depending on how you see things.

“Allison Janney is terrific as the film’s chain-smoking and trash-talking Mommie Dearest figure from hell. In one of her many straight-to-camera outbursts, she even complains about her relative lack of screen time. One thing is certain: an older but not much wiser Harding wants you to accept her version of the facts.” - Toronto Star


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