Hit 'n Strum

Canada Film Days Festival 2013

WINNER! Runner Up for Audience Favourite, Whistler Film Festival

Written, directed and acted by Vancouver stuntman Kirk Caouette.

Multi-hyphenate (director/writer/producer/actor) Kirk Caouette will seduce you with this charming Vancouver street movie. Reminiscent of the Irish hit ONCE, the story concerns a beautiful upper-class lady who hits a street musician during a moment of distraction while driving through Vancouver’s Eastside. Not wanting to sue or even accept money, he even refuses a new guitar that she guiltily buys him. Upon learning that he may have health problems, she insists that he move in with her temporarily while waiting for public housing, but her fiancé is understandably miffed at having a street bum crashing in her expensive abode. Aside from the very engaging musical score, written and performed by Caouette himself, the strength of the film lies in its refusal to follow the expected Hollywood story arc and in its genuine sympathy and concern for street people. This is made manifest over actual street scenes that run over the final credits. Don’t leave the theatre until the credits have rolled. Winner of three awards at the Canadian Filmmakers’ Festival, including Special Jury Prizes for Cinematography and Best Male Actor. -- Whistler Film Festival

 “(Caouette) never lets it stray into the sappy Disney territory that any other movie like this would.” -- Will Perkins.

"It’s the writing/directing/starring debut of Kirk Caouette, a British Columbian stuntman and musician. He puts both those proven talents to good use in the film, and proves himself a worthy multi-hyphenate in his new roles.... Mike's (Caouette's) music is the film's strongest point, played within some scenes and over the top of others as both accompaniment and commentary on the action taking place on the screen." --National Post

COMMUNITY PARTNER:  SHOW ( Supportive Housing of Waterloo)

Hit 'n Strum

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