Eyes Wide Shut

"'Eyes Wide Shut' is the best Christmas movie of our lifetime." - SlashFilm

"Eyes Wide Shut isn’t a perennial Christmas movie because it’s a masterpiece. It’s a masterpiece because it’s a Christmas movie." - Rolling Stone

“As an epilogue to the career of Stanley Kubrick who died within days of delivering the finished film, Eyes Wide Shut is just about perfect in that it is unmistakably, definitely Kubrickian. A psychological probing of marriage, desire, jealousy and sexual paranoia. This is about the reality of sexual love versus its illusions.

“William Harford (Cruise), is a successful Manhattan doctor. Wife Alice (Kidman) ran an art gallery that went broke, leaving her too much time to get tipsy at parties. She picks a fight with her husband, dropping a bombshell that rattles his security and sends him off into the night. In his subsequent dreamlike odyssey, he encounters things that persuade him that everyone is having it off except him, while he's haunted by graphic images of his wife in flagrante." - Angie Errigo, Empire

"There are couples that appear perfect, and then there are the Harfords, who might as well be the figurines glued to the bottom of a snow globe. He’s a doctor with a seductive bedside manner and a toothy grin that betrays a lifetime of smooth affluence — the youngest man in the old boys’ club. She’s a recently unemployed gallery manager whose body the camera lavishes with more male attention than her husband has in years. Their relationship is a lot like the massive Christmas tree that’s been hunched into their living room: gorgeously ornamented and completely severed from its roots." - Rolling Stone


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