David Lynch: The Art Life

"Fascinating portrait captures the art and mind of one of the world's most enigmatic filmmakers." -ComingSoon.net

“David Lynch: The Art Life is fascinating on at least two levels. First, there’s the fact that the notoriously taciturn Lynch – who wouldn’t even provide biographical information in the press notes for some of his movies – is willing to go into detail about his formative years, starting with his childhood in 1950s America and ending with the start of production on his first feature, Eraserhead, in the 1970s.

“And then there’s the experience of watching Lynch at work, both in archival footage and present-day material, where we see him happily crafting a painting in his home studio. All of that plays over audio interviews conducted over three years by The Art Life’s co-director Jon Nguyen, edited into a sort of curated monologue.

“There’s some wonderful stuff in here. Lynch has a great voice and a knack for gee-whiz storytelling, and the film offers unexpected insight into a distinctive artistic consciousness.” - NOW Toronto

Show your Original Princess receipt for David Lynch: The Art of Life and get a free small pop & popcorn when you see his masterpiece, Mulholland Drive on June 8!


No screenings currently scheduled.

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