Barry Lyndon

"It's gorgeous to look at, with its reverse zooms that slowly widen to stunning rural panoramas, its beautiful framing, its delight in decorative detail. You feel you are watching a masterclass in how to recreate the look and feel of the late 18th century." - Sunday Times

Part of the 4 by Stanley Kubrick series

“‘I demand satisfaction!’ These words echo throughout Stanley Kubrick’s sedate, sumptuous eighteenth-century satire, as men in outrageous frocks challenge one another to pistols at dawn over matters of love and honour. But any audience member who goes seeking the same is liable to leave disappointed: for all its dry wit and visual splendour.

“Redmond Barry (Ryan O’Neal) is an Irish rogue who kills his rival in a duel, joins the British Army and heads to Prussia to fight in the Seven Years’ War. He’s a thug, a gambler, a traitor, a womanizer, a soldier and a loving dad – but O’Neal stays blank-faced, and in true Kubrick fashion we never get a real grip on his character. But that’s surely the point: no man is ever just one thing, and Barry is whoever he needs to be in the circumstances.

“‘Barry Lyndon is best known for its photography – Kubrick borrowed a low-light camera from Nasa so he could shoot in candlelight – and it is uniquely, heart-stoppingly gorgeous. But there’s much more to it: this is a story of identity, and the lack of it. And it’s fascinating.” - Time Out


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